I am often asked, "why 'Vigilant Guitars'?" Most guitar manufacturers derive their brand from a founder or family name. I decided to go with an idea that I feel represents my approach to music and luthiery. In my experience, playing music, building guitars and pursuing a passion takes dedication, hard work and the vigilance to overcome obstacles that life will invariably presents. If I gave up every time I made a mistake, playing a song or building a guitar, I would have ended my career a long time ago. So, when a situation presents itself where you feel you can't overcome, my advice is to work hard, stay focused and stay vigilant.

My name is Trevor Woodland and I am the one-man-show Vigilant Guitars. I started my music career at a young age on piano learning RCM music theory. Moving onto playing bass guitar in middle and high schools, I quickly applied my work ethic and skills playing in several theatrical productions, R&B, Jazz and Rock bands throughout high school. It was around this time I started modifying and repairing my guitars and those of my friends who had trust in my abilities. It wasn't long until I  pursued the idea of building guitars from scratch.

In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree  and several complementary certificates  in education and business administration from VIU and UVIC. I also completed intensive workshops with the Summit School of Guitar Building and working under Steve Mason and Mathew Dolmage; two Vancouver Island based guitar technicians and performers. Establishing Vigilant Guitars in 2015, my passions and profession finally merged when I started teaching for Sitka Music School and building guitars out of my home workshop based in Victoria, BC.


250  - 208 - 9525

Due to the nature of guitar building I may have my hands covered in glue or a few inches from a bandsaw blade and as such, unable to answer your phone, text or email. For the fastest result it is best to email us with any questions and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP.

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