I am often asked, "why 'Vigilant Guitars'?" Most guitar manufacturers derive their brand from a founder or family name. I decided to go with an idea that I feel represents my approach to music and luthiery. In my experience, playing music, building guitars and pursuing a passion takes dedication, hard work and the vigilance to overcome obstacles that life will invariably presents. If I gave up every time I made a mistake, playing a song or building a guitar, I would have ended my career a long time ago. So, when a situation presents itself where you feel you can't overcome, my advice is to work hard, stay focused and stay vigilant.

My name is Trevor Woodland and I am the one-man-show Vigilant Guitars. I started my music career at a young age on piano learning RCM music theory. Moving onto playing bass guitar in middle and high schools, I quickly applied my work ethic and skills playing in several theatrical productions, R&B, Jazz and Rock bands throughout high school. It was around this time I started modifying and repairing my guitars and those of my friends who had trust in my abilities. It wasn't long until I  pursued the idea of building guitars from scratch.

In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree  and several complementary certificates  in education and business administration from VIU and UVIC. I also completed intensive workshops with the Summit School of Guitar Building and working under Steve Mason and Mathew Dolmage; two Vancouver Island based guitar technicians and performers. Establishing Vigilant Guitars in 2015, my passions and profession finally merged when I started teaching for Sitka Music School and building guitars out of my home workshop based in Victoria, BC.



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Due to the nature of guitar building I may have my hands covered in glue or a few inches from a bandsaw blade . It is best to email me with any questions and I will get back to you within 2 business days at the latest.

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