4 Day Tele Workshop

This 4 day intensive workshop has you build a fully functional Tele-style instrument in 4 days from scratch. From billets to broadcaster in just 32 hours.

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$1800CAD + applicable taxes
"I participated in a custom workshop with Trevor and was blown away by the experience and his overall knowledge and fun attitude."

...Trevor was wonderful to work with and provided me with a beautiful guitar, as well as a foundation to continue building guitars in the future.  I would recommend the workshop to anyone with an interest in guitars!"

Gordon Elder

Past Workshop Participant

Experience Not Necessary!

Unlike other workshops, we work together, one-on-one with our full focus going into making your instrument a reality. While some woodworking experience is beneficial it is not required by any means. We will cater the workload to your experience so everyone stays safe and has fun!

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Testimonials from Past Participants

"Had a great guitar making workshop at Vigilant guitars with Trevor.Went thru the whole process hands on.Trevor explains things well and has a warm energy about him .After four days ,I left with a beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

Darren Murphy

"If you'd rather have a truly custom, one of a kind hand made BY YOU guitar over one off the shelf from your local guitar store then you have to call Trevor.You won't regret it."

Jim Shawcross

“So bottom line...  This is an amazing experience and a wonderful gift.  I highly recommend that you think about who in your life would love this experience.”


Scope of Work

The 4 day workshop is designed to be educational in nature with a focus on the individual learning how an electric solid-body guitar comes together.

There is some room to change the specs of each participant's build depending on their individual work experience and if the alteration will facilitate the workshop's timeline. Alterations need to be approved prior to the workshop ad may incur extra charges.

Please note that due to the short duration of the workshop we use a minimal oil finish on the body and neck to complete our deadline. If you would like to explore a more durable lacquer or painted finish we can facilitate that process after the workshop with variable pricing.

  • Day 1
    Milling out the body, neck and fingerboard. Truss rod slot routed, fingerboard slotted and a guitar slowly takes shape.

  • Day 2
    We focus on the neck, installing the dots inlays, radius, indexing for tuners and lining up the scale/center for component routing.

  • Day 3
    Finish of the routing, shaping the neck profile and lots of sanding before applying an oil finish.

  • Day 4
    Fret leveling, crowning and polishing then into soldering the electronics followed by a full set up of your new instrument!