Guitar Setup/Checkup

A properly setup instrument can make a $100 guitar feel like a million bucks. A setup is not a single action but rather a process that alters the guitar to suit the playing needs, style and sound of the musician. Electric guitars and basses are also among the more "finicky" instruments with so many variables causing unwanted buzzes, crackles and twangs which are usually the result of seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. Even a brand new premium instrument may need a setup to play the way the customer intends.

A typical setup would include the following (if necessary):

  • Truss rod adjustment to add/remove relief

  • Check for relief at the nut, 12th fret and last fret

  • Check nut for cracks, buzzes and worn out nut and saddle slots

  • Adjust pickup height to specs

  • Check intonation

  • Check electronics and clean or replace if badly worn

  • Check frets for high/low spots

  • Clean frets

  • Oil fretboard

  • Replace strings

  • Adjust action height to customer's specs

  • Tighten hardware

  • Polish and Clean

Setups are charged an hourly rate + parts. Setups do not typically take more than 1 -2 hour and can be picked up within a day or two of drop off. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.

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