Approx $ 2200 - 3400 CAD + Shipping

If you would like to order a guitar  similar to the one(s) featured above, click below to contact Vigilant and place an order or initiate your custom build. Guitars take 3-4 months to build. All guitars ship with a hardshell case included in the price.

What is a Multiscale guitar?

A guitar's scale length refers to the distance a string is able to vibrate which is typically dictated between the guitar's nut and bridge saddle. A longer scale length (ex 30") will give you a very low sound like a bass guitar, a shorter scale length (ex 16") will give you a higher pitched sound like a ukulele. A small variation in the scale length can drastically change the sound and feel of an instrument. Many companies subscribe to a scale length (Fender 25.5", PRS 25", Gibson 24.75") which becomes the leading factor in that particular brand's identity.A multiscale guitar takes 2 scale lengths and applies them to the top and bottom strings creating a "fanned" like appearance where the frets join. Typically, a shorter scale length is on the 1st string and a longer length on the 6th string; this means that tonally, your higher strings sound "brighter" and your lower strings sound "more warm." The greater the difference between the scale lengths the more dynamic the sound and drastic the fanned frets appear.

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