Custom Shop Guitars

All of the projects featured below are just some of the unique guitars that have been hand built in the Vigilant shop. If you see something that sparks your imagination for a custom creation, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. If you already have a project in mind, please download the "Custom Order Form" and fill it out to the best of your ability. Please send the completed form along with any special requests or pictures to and I will get back to you with a price breakdown as soon as possible.


Once a price has been agreed upon a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to initiate work. The remaining 50%, with any approved extras, is due upon delivery or at time of shipping. Prices listed are subject to change after 30 days without consultation to client to account for differing woods, shipping and material markets. Basic guitars start at $1800 CAD.

Our guitars are made by hand and can take 3-4 months to complete before shipping. Local pickup is available in Victoria, BC. All guitars ship with a hardshell case included in the price.


Answers to frequently asked questions:

Why build a custom guitar?

There is nothing wrong with having a Fender, Gibson or other big name brand in your guitar rack. They have tried and tested styles, woods and technologies that have shaped music history for decades. A custom guitar comes into play when you want something unique that you can’t find in a store. You may want a thinner neck or a bigger body or a unique set of pickups or component using a specific type of wood, plastic or metal. You may want to take your favorite neck and put it on a brand new body or vice-versa.


I like to equate getting a custom guitar to getting a custom suit; you get to choose all of the materials you personally enjoy and end up with a product that is tailor fit to your wants and needs. Just like a suit, a custom guitar is one-of-a-kind and can be a bit more expensive than a regularly available commercial guitar. But in order to keep costs low, large manufacturers push out tens of thousands of the same model every year leaving many musicians and songs "sounding the same." To push your music, image and artistic expression forward a  custom guitar as unique as your vision can give you the tools to separate your ideas from the crowd.

How much does it cost?

Vigilant is a young company with limited capabilities. We start our basic solid body guitars at $1200. We build our guitars by hand, from scratch using quality components that work with your style. It is best to send an email to give me an idea of what you are looking for and I can send you an accurate quote with a price breakdown to see where the money goes into a guitar. Once agreed, I ask a 50% deposit to initiate orders and building. Once the project is complete, the remaining 25% is required prior to finishing and the remaining 25% prior to shipping.


One of the big advantages electric guitars have is being able to upgrade components at a later time. Quality pickups can range from $120-400 CAD which can push the budget over someone's comfort zone. A good approach is to build the guitar with enough room or adequate dimensions to later receive the premium hardware you desire. We recommend putting most of the budget into the wood and fretwork as they are the main defining characteristics that affects the guitar's tone, aesthetics and feel.

Do you ship domestically/internationally?

Yes. We ship completed guitars in a hardshell case. The client incurs the shipping expense as it is included in the price unless local pickup in Victoria, BC can be arranged. We will inform you of any international trade restrictions on woods prior to building and we will have all necessary documentation prepared prior to shipping.

Can you build me a nine string multi - scale neck through guitar with six pickups, gold inlays and a MIDI touch screen pick guard for $200?

Sure, if your don’t mind paying us in 24 carat diamonds and unicorn tears. All jokes set aside, having a good understanding of what you want and balancing that with a realistic cost analysis will help the build process.  Building a guitar is a very labour intensive process and we keep our prices as competitive as possible.

 Repair Rates

If you're looking for just a part of a guitar or a repair/modification, we offer affordable varying rates for custom bodies, necks and services. As the options are limitless, please contact us with what you have in mind and we will be happy to send you an accurate quote including, materials, labor and shipping.